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Two Dicraeosaurus dinosaurs in a prehistoric sunrise landscapeWelcome to Jurassic Times! This site is dedicated to those magnificant, wondrous creatures that lived on this Earth hundreds of millions of years ago. They left clues for us to unearth as to their existence, lifestyle, and thousands of other mysteries surrounding their existence, and ultimately, their extinction...

Jan 31 2012

Oldest Dinosaur Nest Site Found

Paleontologists Discover the World’s Oldest Dinosaur Nest

dinosaur eggSouth Africa’s Golden Gate Highlands National Park is no stranger to the prehistoric beasts of millions of years ago. Many amazing discoveries have been unearthed in this rocky landmark but the most recent discovery – the world’s oldest dinosaur nest site is one for the record books...

Jan 25 2012


Plateosaurus is one of the Earliest Dinosaur Species

PlateosaurusPlateosaurus like many of the Triassic period dinosaur is often overlooked by dinosaur lovers. In this article however, we will focus on Plateosaurus and learn everything there is to know about this prosauropod including: what it looked like, when and where it was discovered and what this early dinosaur species fed on...

Jan 22 2012


Acrocanthosaurus Was an Apex Predator in its Ecosystem

Acrocanthosaurus footprintWhen it comes to popularly recognized dinosaur species, the Acrocanthosaurus is most certainly not one of the most well known of species. This North American theropod however, was a significant species within its own ecosystem and in this article we will take a look at everything you could want to know about this giant predator. From physical appearance to what these carnivores fed on, we will cover it all...

Jan 19 2012

Dinosaur National Monument

The Dinosaur National Monument is Important for Many Reasons

Dinosaur National MonumentFor those interested in paleontology and geology there is one area that remains a place of extreme interest: the dinosaur national monument. In this article we will cover everything you have ever wanted to know about this historic area including: its location, its history and the importance this area plays in multiple disciplines...

Jan 18 2012


The Herrerasaurus is Not the Most Commonly Recognized Dinosaur Species

Ischigualasto formation where Herrerasaurus remains foundHerrerasaurus may not be one of the most commonly recognized dinosaur species, but this Theropod carnivore still plays a significant role in our Earth’s history. In this article we will cover everything you ever wanted to know about this carnivore including: when it lived, what it fed on, what it looked like and the history of its discovery...

Jan 11 2012

German Discovery Changes History As We Know It

New Ichthyosaur Specimen Changes History

Ichthyosauria fossilA New German discovery has put the brakes on what we currently understand as the truth behind the history of fossils. The new finding of a rare ichthyosaur leads to more questions than it does answers but in this article we will discuss this new finding and its implications. Among topics we will cover include: the previously understood fossil timeline, the discovery of the newest Ichthyosaur and what this discovery means to paleontologists, geologists and historians worldwide...

Jan 09 2012


One of the Largest Predators During the Jurassic Period

AllosaurusThe Allosaurus roamed the Earth some 155 – 145 million years ago in the Late Jurassic period. This large bipedal Theropod ruled the Earth as one of the largest predators in North America and terrorized smaller dinosaurs with its huge carnivorous jaws. While much about the Allosaurus remains a mystery enough is known about this two and a half short ton beast to know its impact on surrounding life during the Jurassic period...

Jan 07 2012


Incredibly Large Teropod Dinosaur

TherizinosaurusIf every the Cretaceous period produced a strange dinosaur that piques the interest of every dinosaur lover, the Therizinosaurus would most certainly be it. Roaming the Earth during the late Cretaceous period the Therizinosaurus is known for being an incredibly large Theropod and one of the last Therizinosauria dinosaurs to make its appearance before the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction. It is not just the size of the Therizinosaurus nor its existence as one of the last of its family that make this humongous herbivorous so wondrous but also its incredibly unique physical appearance...

Dec 28 2011


The “Egg Robbing” Dinosaur

Skeleton of the OviraptorThe Oviraptor is so named for the location of a specimen of the dinosaur rather than its habit of robbing eggs from other dinosaurs as its name quite literally translates to mean “egg robber.” This claimed egg thief was most likely guarding its own eggs when it met its fate rather than robbing the eggs of another dinosaur! This bipedal birdlike dinosaur lived through the late Cretaceous period and is rather unique in appearance....