The early Jurassic period (the Liassic epoch) came about 176 to 200 million years ago and was divided into the Hettangian age, the Sinemurian age, the Pliensbachian age, and the Toarcian age. The beginning of the Jurassic period saw a rise of the dinosaurs after the Triassic period saw the extinction of many of the animals that thrived during that time. The early Jurassic period also brought a much warmer and wetter rainforest type of climate and encouraged reptile expansion.
Jan 11 2012

German Discovery Changes History As We Know It

New Ichthyosaur Specimen Changes History

Ichthyosauria fossilA New German discovery has put the brakes on what we currently understand as the truth behind the history of fossils. The new finding of a rare ichthyosaur leads to more questions than it does answers but in this article we will discuss this new finding and its implications. Among topics we will cover include: the previously understood fossil timeline, the discovery of the newest Ichthyosaur and what this discovery means to paleontologists, geologists and historians worldwide...

Jan 09 2012


One of the Largest Predators During the Jurassic Period

AllosaurusThe Allosaurus roamed the Earth some 155 – 145 million years ago in the Late Jurassic period. This large bipedal Theropod ruled the Earth as one of the largest predators in North America and terrorized smaller dinosaurs with its huge carnivorous jaws. While much about the Allosaurus remains a mystery enough is known about this two and a half short ton beast to know its impact on surrounding life during the Jurassic period...